Our Story


The modern woman. She wears so many hats and faces and roles… and she does it so darned well. She’s a professional, a friend, a lover, an artist, a family girl and in all of that she’s always looking for ways to let her own unique light shine through.

So in 2005, when we opened the doors to our first Boom & Mellow boutique, we made a promise: We wanted to give the modern woman something she hadn’t seen before - a breath of fresh air amongst all the heavyweight fashion brands that surrounded her. A way for her to be different, to be unpretentiously herself.

With a curated selection of unique, diverse, loud, elegant yet laid-back jewelry and accessories, our little boutique called to every side of every woman – the boom, the mellow and everything in between.

The Boom & Mellow woman exudes confidence, personality and a genuine, authentic love for herself and others. From the casual, chic neck piece that compliments a suit perfectly or a snazzy, bold clutch to liven up a quiet dress, our carefully curated collection has something to make every woman smile. 

Curated entirely by the boutique’s founder, Sima Barazi Haroun, the Boom & Mellow
collection hails from all over the world. Boutique and founder alike have been featured on some of Dubai’s most prominent top-lists including Grazia Best Boutique, Ahlan Hot 100, and shopping destination lists on Vogue Arabia, Condé Nast and more.

Sima works to ensure the store’s original promise never dies: Giving the modern woman a diverse selection of beautiful jewelry, accessories and gifts to serve every desire and every occasion. Something to spoil herself with or to spoil the other superwomen in her life with. And all of this wrapped up in a no-pressure, pleasureful shopping experience that encourages the authentic beauty inside of every woman to come out and play.


Our Founder

Sima Barazi


Sima is truly the description of ‘Boom & Mellow’. She mediates, reads and gazes at sunsets but at the same time is full of energy, laughs really loud and dances the night away! Like many modern women today she has the perfect yet imperfect balance between the ‘boom’ and the ‘mellow’ sides of her personality.

She is also that modern woman with the many desires and many personas. The mother, the entrepreneur, the cook, the athlete, the socialite, the friend and so much more.

Over 20 years in the retail industry, Sima has run three successful multi-brand boutiques, launched online stores and connected women to jewelry and fashion from the world over. She curates a stunning collection for Boom & Mellow, giving the boutique the unmatched ability to meet the needs of the cosmopolitan woman, all in one place.

Her unique global taste in fashion comes from the mix of cultures that she grew up with. She is half-Syrian-half-Iranian, has lived in the Middle East and the US, and spent every summer growing up in the South of France.

When Sima is not busy traveling the globe looking for new designers or running the Boom & Mellow store, she is spending quality time with her 3 beautiful kids.

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