Thousands of Years of Cowry Shells


Cowry shells these days are associated mostly with bracelets, necklaces and other accessories, but rewind a few thousand years, and those cute little shells were the accepted form of currency in most of the world, from China and other parts of Asia all the way to certain parts of Europe. The cowry shell was a symbol of wealth and power.

The size and weight of the shells made them easy to carry around and transport, they were recognizable and durable and forgeries were difficult to make. The shells were all mostly of the same size and shape, so it was easy for a payment to be valued.

Cowry shells now grace the wrists and necks of women all around the world, but they also live in museums all over that tell the story of mankind.

The shells still have a certain allure to them that will always be attractive to us.

Sima Haroun

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