The Rise of the Curated Ear

The Rise of the Curated Ear

A traditional pair of lobes is simply not enough. In recent years multiple ear piercings have made a comeback, it used to be considered a show of rebellious personality but now has made its way into mainstream fashion. Curated ear piercings can say a lot about you. You can choose from more minimalist, dainty and classy looks to something more industrialist and rebellious.

So, what is a curated ear?
It is the deliberate and thoughtful placement and composition of ear piercings tailored to a persons personality and individual style. It is about embellishing your ear to fit your style. Here are some examples of ear piercings along with their names.

The idea is to layer and stack your ear with delicate and decorative piercings, this trend is going strong and is showing no signs of slowing down. It is always a good idea to take a picture to your piercer of the style you are trying to imitate. At Boom & Mellow we are stocked with all types of ear piercings, you can always drop by, check out our website or Instagram page. We often have piercing party events where professional piercers and curators are ready to style your ear, keep a look out for our next piercing party on social media or sign up for our newsletter! Here are some images that might inspire your next piercing. 


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