Statement Pieces

Statement Pieces

Defining that statement piece can be tricky and can mean different things to different people. Sometimes it can depend on its size, sometimes its age and where you got it from, and sometimes how much you paid for it. But when you get it right, that statement piece will never fail you.

So, what is a statement piece?

A statement piece is a piece you want noticed, it gives you confidence and portrays your confidence at the same time. But remember, for it to make a statement, it needs to show, not be one of many other pieces, and usually the outfit is quite simple or not too colorful. The outfit is used as a background for your piece.

Vintage jewellery and accessories often make the best statement pieces, as they are unique and often have managed to maintain a timeless quality that makes them never look outdated.

In the case of statement pieces, size can matter! The bigger the piece, the bigger the statement. But that is not a rule – the glitter can make a difference too!

If you are looking for that truly unique statement piece, rummage through the drawers at your grandmother’s house, and see what treasures reveal themselves!

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