Beads – Always Trending

Beads – Always Trending

Beads have been around for millennia – beads dating back 40,000 years were found in Lebanon, while others were found in South Africa, dating back about 72,000 years - so it is no surprise that beads never really go out of style, but there are different ways that they are worn that keeps the look fresh and trendy.

At the moment, multicolored bead necklaces are trending in a big way – think homemade colorful bead necklaces but on a more elegant and chic level – they are wonderfully nostalgic and fun.

So this year, try different looks with the colorful beaded necklaces to keep your look up to date:

For the surfer beach look, choose a beaded necklace interspersed with cowrie shells.

A great look now is the half/half necklace, with beads on one side and chain links, pearls or a chain on the other half.

To go for the sophisticated chic look, get a beaded necklace with a pendant – if you want the ultimate trend, go for the gummy bear pendant in a funky color.

The main thing with beaded necklace is to have fun with them and keep your look fresh and casual!

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